Recently, I have been testing the playing methods of various projects. I accidentally brushed a number in Tiktok to talk about the small red book stores with no supply. I spent more than 1000 yuan to buy a course, and then started my own practice. After a week of practice, I managed two stores. One store sold 8 orders, and the other sold 18.


The playing method of the whole project is also very simple and rough, that is, poor information, without any technical barriers. Today, we will issue an issue of the playing method of Xiaohongshu's non-sourced stores.


Step 1: Xiaohongshu opens a store


The small red book is divided into three types: individual store, individual store and enterprise store.


The personal store can be opened directly without paying the deposit, but only one can be opened at most. The personal store can be opened directly by applying for opening the store at the Xiaohongshu app creator center.


If you have an individual license, you can open three stores, but you need to register three small red book accounts and authenticate them. The authentication fee is 600 yuan. But here, you should pay attention to the consistency between the business scope and the category of entry, not just any business license.


Step 2: After Xiaohongshu Personal Store is applied for opening, it needs to authorize the opening of WeChat payment and Alipay payment.

ps1 佣金问题:小红书月销gmv在1w内会在次月返还5%的佣金,月销1w以上的只收5%。

PS1 commission problem: the monthly sales of small red book gmv will return 5% commission in the next month within 1w, and only 5% commission will be charged for the monthly sales of more than 1w.


PS2 margin problem: Although individual stores do not collect margin when they settle in, it does not affect sales, but if you withdraw cash, you need to pay a margin. The minimum margin is 1000 yuan. This margin is divided into basic margin and floating margin. The basic margin is generally 1000 yuan. The floating margin will be calculated according to your sales last month.


The operation of opening a store is very simple.


At present, there are four main ways to play Little Red Book, which are also the main traffic entrances of Little Red Book.


The first, and the most widely done, is mindless mass distribution.


Second, deal with the search traffic of Little Red Book.


The third is the natural flow of shopping malls for small red books.


The fourth is to sell goods by taking notes of planting grass in Xiaohongshu.


Today, we will mainly explain the first and fourth methods of play.


Selection of Little Red Book


1. Tiktok Creator Center's Selection Square is looking for popular items.


2. Mama Cicada's commodity store looks for all kinds of popular products according to the sales volume.


The delivery is nothing more than Taobao, Pinduoduo, 1688, and Tiktok. Find out which platform is cheaper and which platform is more favorable.


Ps: Here is a tip. For example, if you choose and deliver goods from Tiktok, you can first find a Tiktok trumpet to put the goods on the display window, and then use another number to shoot from the display window. Tiktok's goods generally have a commission of at least 20%, and other platforms do the same to increase profits.


I won't make women's clothes in the selection. The return rate is very high, and there are many pre-sales and after-sales problems. I can't understand the selection. What you think is ugly will sell well, and what you think is beautiful will not look good. This category is not suitable for novice Xiaobai.


Many people say that the flow of jewelry is large, because the majority of female users are small red books, but you have to show the selling points of the jewelry category through pictures and videos, because we do not have a source of goods, and there is a lack of high-quality sources on the note material, you can not buy one by one, so it is not an inappropriate category.


The way I choose products is to find some products that are relatively rigid, low price and low decision-making cost, and the relative requirements for materials are not very high, such as mobile phone shell, tripod, mobile phone bracket, self-timer bar, glass and so on.


Little Red Book Shop Play Method


There are many distribution tools in the service market of the management background of Xiaohongshu PC terminal. I am currently using the fish-picking assistant to copy the link into the system for automatic collection, and then return to the Xiaohongshu background to modify the price and SKU products.


The core of this game is to eat the natural flow of small red books, and keep putting products on the shelves every day.


Little Red Book Notes on Planting Grass


I used ChatGap to help me write the title and content of the notes of Xiaohongshu. After the AI was written, I should modify it properly and not directly use it. The content of the notes should preferably refer to the content of the product evaluation.


ChatGap can only be used online in a scientific way. The current market price of the account is a few yuan, and salted fish can be sold. If you register yourself, there are also tutorials online. There is nothing to say about this.


The key to writing the title of Little Red Book in AI is to give full information, such as writing from the user's feeling, from the first and third person's perspective, and so on.



The material is also very simple, that is, look for pictures from Pinduoduo, Taobao's evaluation and buyer's show, then look for more than three pictures, and then use Meitu Xiuxiu to modify the size, filter and add the title.


It is also a method to buy and take pictures by yourself, but the time cost is relatively high, so it is not recommended to operate.


Note cover: The most important thing to make small red book notes is the cover. The attractiveness of the cover directly determines the click-through rate and traffic of the notes. The skill of making the cover is also very simple. It is to extract the key words of the whole notes and write them on the cover. It must be eye-catching and clear, and then beautiful.


There is a small skill on the title. For example, you can search for the selfie stick in Xiaohong Book, and then some search words in the drop-down box will come out. Sort these words and add them to the title. The search words in the drop-down box are also the words with a large amount of search on the platform.


Traffic tips


Activities: There is an activity option in the background of Little Red Book. There will be some official activities on a regular basis. You can sign up for the commodities that have been put on the market, such as the recent Little Red Book 38 Festival.


It is a metaphysical question whether to give the official traffic after registration.


Traffic coupons: Xiaohongshu will have some novice tasks at the beginning of the store, and then will send some traffic coupons, which can be used to promote the use of notes. It is also very simple, that is, to publish several products, note requirements, and select the optimal investment mode when launching. If the notes are not too bad, you can issue a bill, which belongs to the traffic of white whoring.


The project of Xiaohongshu's store group with no source of goods was launched last year, and there is no threshold for the project. The experience score of opening a store is 4.5. If there is no sales, it will not be displayed as 0. For novice Xiaobai, the note-taking is friendly, and the most widely taught in the market is the game of distribution.


Finally, it is notes, and now it is the probability of taking notes! However, the probability will become lower as more people do it. To be a small redbook e-commerce business, you need to dig deeper into the content, and then make good choices.


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