The underlying logic of today's project of sharing ancient books is very simple. It is to attract and accumulate fans by publishing works related to ancient books, and then display various materials related to ancient books in the live broadcast room, guide users to pay attention, enter the fan group, and finally convert users.


First, how to realize


The threshold of the project is relatively low, and there is no need to show up, but the income is not simple. As long as the traffic can be done, there are many ways to realize it.



1. The first thing is the location of your video. Most fans like to study the topic. When they see the content they are interested in, they can easily buy one.


2. Reward the live broadcast gift, promote the attractive content of the clip during the live broadcast, so that both new and old users will be rewarded if they feel interesting.


3. To create a fan group, set a threshold when pointing out the group. For example, only users with level 3 or above of the fan group can join. Show relevant books in the live broadcast room to guide fans to join the group. Entering the fan group requires a coin shake. Customers who want to join the group must be upgraded to three levels in succession. To upgrade to the third level, they also need to interact with the anchor continuously, so that resident users can have it.


4. The network disk pulls the new, and uploads the ancient book data to the network disk. As long as there are new users to transfer the data, there will be profits.


Second, how to operate


The only threshold of the project is how to collect ancient book data. First find the benchmarking account, learn their style and live script, imitate the books, use the popular collection tool to organize data compilation, and finally use the clip template to record the video release, and finally complete the conversion. The ancient book collection tool can find the link I want to download, open the software, directly enter the name of the ancient book searched, and select the storage location, Click the required ancient books to download, and you can also find the digital version of ancient books online.



1. Classics recognition is a digital platform for ancient books jointly launched by the ByteDance Digital Humanities Open Laboratory and Peking University. After a period of internal testing, it finally launched a web page, with representative works of Confucianism, Taoism, and literature on the home page. More ancient books are in the library in the upper right corner. The left side is divided into four major categories of Jin History Collection and other sub categories. Each ancient book displays the text by default, You can click the information icon in the upper left corner to find the specific information of this ancient book.


You can also open the original image, annotation, annotation and switch between traditional and simplified forms in the upper right corner. The original image of each page can be read in full screen and zoomed in to view the HD version. You can use these different modes to read ancient texts. You can search the key words in the library or the homepage dialog box to find the ancient book you want.



2. The heavy light of the Han Dynasty is a public welfare project jointly built by the Ali Damo Academy, the Sichuan Great Power Map, the Zhejiang Map and other units. It mainly includes Chinese ancient books scattered abroad. As of the release in May 2021, the heavy light of the Han Dynasty contains about 200000 pages of digital ancient books, about hundreds of copies. You can find the digitized ancient books below, or you can find the required content through the name of the ancient books or the full text search, and view the details and zoom of each page, View a large high-definition image.


3. Book grid, a completely free and open online library of ancient books, can find specific content in the resource set through the collection of classics and history and the distribution of books, and can also find the content needed through modern classification, social science, history, language, art classification, or find different categories of painting, manuscripts, manuscripts, monuments, fish pictures, images, and so on, and can also see different topics. Each ancient book can see specific introduction, Download high-definition PDF files directly. Chinese monuments and paintings are just like the marks on the website. Everyone can see civilization freely.


4. In the whole history, in addition to the character relationship map, space-time map, AB path, space-time column, historical chronology and so on, you can find what you need in the whole ancient books, the whole paintings and other categories. Through specific classification and screening from the East and the West, you can find not only the ancient books of China, but also the ancient books of other civilizations and cultures. You can view the specific information part of the paintings on the details page, and you can see the high-definition large picture.



5. Looking at the sea, we mainly provide ancient maps and maps of China, view and enlarge the specific details of the map directly on the details page, and also provide the map annotation function, support your own upload and annotation, turn those dusty and fragile historical sites into data, save and share them, let the tool return to the tool, let you become you.


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