Today, I will simply share the game method of a red book e-commerce without source of goods, and take you to play a red book easily. If you want to develop a small red book without source of goods project, you can read this in depth!


A red book e-commerce game without source of goods


First, project introduction


Increase the price of the goods on platform a and put them on the shelf on platform B. After the customer places the order, we can go to purchase, leave the customer's address, and let the merchants deliver the goods to the customer. There is no need to stock up or ship the goods by themselves in the whole process. We can earn the price difference, from the earliest Taoyuan store without source, to Duoduo, salted fish,


In the previous two years, the number of products in many platforms is not perfect at the initial stage, and there will be a large number of players without supply. Now many platforms have been saturated, and the Xiaohongshu e-commerce game has just emerged, so the opportunity is still very large.


Second, store type


To register and open a store in a red book, there are three types of stores: personal stores, professional number certified stores, and enterprise stores. The deposit for opening a store in a personal store can be 1000, one ID card can open a store, the professional number certification fee is 600, and one ID card can open three stores. Enterprise stores need a business license, and it is not recommended to open a store without a source of goods. The specific registration process can be searched online, which is very simple.


Third, how to select products


1. Seasonal products: select products according to the current season and time node, follow the public demand, where the demand is, the business is where, such as small fans in summer and small pandas in winter, and make vertical segment products.


2. Mainly women, there are a lot of female users on the Xiaohongshu platform. We need to select some products that women will use, such as jewelry, clothing, home furnishing, cosmetics, skin care, etc. There are also many vertical fields subdivided below these competition tracks.


3. We all know that Xiaohongshu is a grass planting platform. We can look at what is the most popular at present and sell it. We can look for products that have been popular on other platforms, or the current popular online red products. The stars are the same type.



Fourth, how to obtain traffic


1. The exposure traffic of a red book mall. If the title and main picture are good after the product is put on the market, users can find your product in the mall, so there will be part of the deal. This is the traffic of the mall.


2. Note traffic is divided into home page recommendation traffic and user keyword search traffic. Home page recommendation traffic requires us to find accounts of the same type and product to imitate and learn his hot money notes, and sort out the template of hot money notes,


You or your employees will continue to publish notes to drain the products. One number suggests that you publish two or four notes with product links a day.


3. User keyword search traffic. For example, when we search for the key word lighter, there will be many long-tailed keywords below. These words are called dropdown words. These words are the words that users search frequently. If you put these words in the title of our notes, you will have a chance to get good traffic and reach a deal.



6 hidden small and lightweight


First, set personalized home page


What should I do if I can't catch the notes I want to read? Go to the settings page, click Privacy Reset, and turn on Personalization Recommendation in Personalization Options. This way, the home page is all the notes you want to read. If you don't want colleagues or acquaintances to access your account, you can turn on these two switches in settings.



Second, browse record


Finally, I found a favorite note on the home page. Suddenly, a phone call came, and the note could not be found at the end of the call. After upgrading a red book to the latest version, click the three bars in the upper left corner, and click Browse Record. All the notes previously viewed are here.



Third, activate video number


For the same content, the video price is more than 30% higher than the figure and text. The following are the conditions for opening the video number. After opening, you can get the official traffic support. The specific operation is in the upper left corner of the home page. Click the creation center slide to find the video number growth plan, and then click I want to register, complete the relevant information, and then submit the application.



Fourth, analyze note data


The most common problem is that the note data is not good, and you will feel whether it is restricted. In fact, a red book will not be restricted for no reason. Most of the time, the note content is not good enough, which requires data analysis and timely adjustment. If the click rate is not good, adjust the cover and title in time, and if the interaction rate is not good, optimize the note content in time.



Fifth, free learning resources


Click the three bars in the upper left corner, click the creative center and drag down to find the creative institute. Click more courses, and there will be more free We-media learning resources. You will no longer have to worry about topic selection, material selection, shooting, editing, fan operation, and business realization, and become a qualified small red book blogger every minute.


Sixth, free official good thing sharing


Zero fans can also collect the official wool. Click the three bars in the upper left corner to click on the good thing experience. There is a huge amount of good thing experience in it. As long as you operate according to the official application steps and wait for the review, you can send a note according to the requirements after receiving the goods. The official will also give you continuous traffic support for the good note content.


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