Today, I want to share with you how to deal with the stolen treasure of salted fish, how to effectively solve malicious competition, and how to play the salted fish matrix. Next, I will show you the essence of the project and the operation precautions!


First, what about the stolen pictures


Fish shop sellers must learn to protect the store flow. When the store is out of stock, there will be many peers who will imitate it. Some of them will copy the pictures and text directly, and the price is still lower than you. The most annoying thing is that they sell more than you. Here's how to punish the stolen pictures sellers.


The Xianyu platform complaint stolen map channel is relatively hidden, and few sellers know that this function exists. First, through the customer service phone, and second, through the APP background, first switch to manual customer service. After explaining the reason, the customer service will let you provide the store links of both parties. Pay attention to the fact that the link between the complainant and the complained party should not be reversed, otherwise your complaint will be removed from the shelf, and then the customer service will let you submit proof that you are the original evidence.


The release time cannot be used as the evidence of original creation, which is also the reason why many sellers complained unsuccessfully. The most effective way to prove the original creation is to provide the original photo. The original photo taken by the camera. Click the exclamation mark in the upper right corner to have the original image parameters. Click on it and submit the evidence according to the format screenshot. The system will remove the stolen image treasure from the shelf within 48 hours.



After the recent revision, the stolen map seller will not be reminded to rectify the baby. In this way, he does not know that he has been complained of because of the stolen map, so he does not need to worry about retribution, let alone foolishly notify or warn the stolen map seller before the complaint. If you encounter any problem, you can retaliate in various ways,


The best way to avoid image theft is to add your own store ID watermark to the image before uploading, so that you can avoid image theft from the source. If you don't understand it, you will be very passive if you are counter-claimed by peers.


Second, how to play the salted fish matrix


Many people will think that one fish shop is 100 a day, and ten fish shops are 1000 a day. This sentence sounds good, but in reality, most people can't make a matrix, and they will be destroyed soon after entering the market. The matrix is essentially a product, but in reality, it also contains a lot of operation skills. Here are some necessary conditions for making a fish shop matrix.


1. Capital, the profit margin of most products on salted fish is 10% - 20%, and the payback period is 10 days. If a store wants 100 per day, it needs to reserve 50 to 10000 working capital. In addition to equipment, water and electricity and other expenses, the more stores, the greater the investment.


2. The supply chain and matrix need a lot of supply chain support. It is easy to compete with each other when making the same product with multiple accounts. It is often encountered that the same customer asks for orders in multiple stores,


It is suggested to reduce the number of stores in a supply chain. It is necessary to consider the number of audience and the number of competitors of the product. Do not expand the store for the purpose of expanding the store.


Many people can't understand a single account, so they want to make a matrix. The final result is that a pile of sesame seeds is not as big as others. Some people make a matrix because the melon planting skills have been perfected, so they lay the matrix to seek breakthroughs,


But most people just want to skip the process of planting melons. Anyone who has done too many accounts knows that this game violates the platform rules.


One person multiple numbers and batch distribution are the targets of the platform's severe attack. This kind of operation seriously affects the platform's ecology and destroys the competitive environment. Once accounts or products are associated, there is a great chance that they will be destroyed. People who want to make a matrix are all with a strong desire for growth,


However, many people lack awareness of the project, and are overly anxious. They look down on the difficulty while looking up their own ability. Impetuous and blind confidence will eventually make you lose.


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