This year's express delivery project is bound to catch fire. The express delivery project is also called express CPS. Many bosses in the circle have begun to layout the express delivery project, which has made great progress and can basically produce a stable four-digit profit every day. So let's give you an in-depth analysis of the express delivery project.


First, project introduction


How does the express delivery project achieve profitability? In the past, express delivery needs to fill out the form manually to help customers deliver goods. Now, just connect to a express aggregation platform, and you have your own express platform. Anyone can place an order on your platform by themselves. As long as someone places an order on your platform, you can get a commission.



Project advantages: It is half cheaper to send express on your platform than to go to the express station, which should be difficult to be rejected. I looked at the platform, and found that the first weight is about six yuan, and the first weight is 12 yuan to send the goods to the express store. There is no need to go to the door to receive the goods by yourself. After placing the order, the official staff of the express will help you receive and deliver the goods, and the price of the delivery can also be freely set in the background. At present, the demand for sending goods in the market is very large.


Second, express distribution platform


The customer experience of receiving your subscription number and applet is also quite smooth. The express aggregation platform has been sorted out. There are two platforms, each with its own advantages.


1. Yunzhan: The price can be adjusted independently! No pre-storage required! Express delivery at cost price! CPS commission is 10%, covering three links and one delivery, one feng, one bang, one dong, one rabbit express,


Promotion channels: CMS mall, H5 link retrieval, applet end, real-time data return, cash withdrawal in the next month, no need to lay out the applet, the cloud view assistant applet can directly and quickly take the chain for promotion, and it also includes the self-configuration of the collection page. You can see many businesses on the right in Xianyu and a certain treasure.



How to operate:


Register a service number and connect with the express delivery cps program. Then guide users to pay attention to the official account and inform users that they can send express goods at a discount! There are many ways to promote. Do not use the word "express" in the name of a new registered account or official account. These two words need to be submitted with a lot of information. You can refer to the vocabulary, send it quickly, send it with ease, and so on.


Specific and detailed building methods, as well as the complete steps of operation, as well as the docking platform. Look at the member-specific content below. The whole building and configuration tutorial is very simple. It only takes a few minutes to run. There is a complete version of the program directly. After registering the account, you can find the Express in the menu bar, and click directly to promote it.



See the official tutorial for the specific configuration tutorial. The official tutorial has been written once, so it will not be edited again. Go to WeChat to search the official account Yunzhan open platform to find it. Even newly registered users who do not have a official account can operate without a service account, but it will be more convenient to have a service account.



2. Express aggregation platform


Joy Express is a paid and good platform. The new official account should not be named with the word "express", which requires a lot of information to be submitted. It is very troublesome. You can call someone to send a letter or something. At the beginning of the early stage, you can even directly promote their official H5 connection with your circle of friends, which is very convenient.



Third, express traffic


You can go to Moubao, Mouduoduo and Xianyu to open a batch store. There are still many stores with a monthly sales of 10000, and they do not have their own platforms and small programs,


The shopkeeper also needs to manually place the order on behalf of others. The Xianyu platform will also have a large number of customer inquiries. It only needs to release the express delivery service on the e-commerce platform for a long time. First, take the initial exposure traffic witness of the platform, and properly do data maintenance to increase the weight of the baby. Slowly, customers will come to consult.


Take salted fish as an example. After releasing the treasure brought by express delivery, let relatives and friends in different regions search for keywords, simulate real users, find the published treasure, browse for a few minutes, then consult, and finally buy. Properly do the data, and the weight of the goods will gradually increase, ranking will be high, and accurate drainage can be achieved,


All customers should be added to their private domain traffic pool, either actively or passively, to facilitate subsequent long-term cooperation. If you are lucky, you may have a stable order every day when you meet a big customer.


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