Today I want to share with you a pet market, called Qichong. We all know that the pet market is very large, which is some rare pets.


First, project introduction


Previously, I participated in the offline cat friend party, and one of the cat friends' cats became the focus of the whole audience. Many people kept asking his cat. This cat is a hairless cat, named Sphinx, from Canada. Because of the natural gene mutation, the appearance of a cat is very characteristic, so its appearance became the focus,


Which groups would like to keep this kind of cat? For example, some people are allergic to the fur of the cat, and they like to keep this kind of cat very much. The price of this cat should be at least 20000, and the price of some good-looking or pure cats should be higher, probably more than 100000.


Keeping pets is my favorite. Another aspect is the need to show off. For example, many people praise you when people and cats bask in the circle of friends, or when you go to the park or the community for a walk, if the pets are very distinctive and distinctive, a group of people come around to ask this question. The feeling of being noticed, the sense of achievement, the opportunity and business opportunities in it, is to be a strange pet.



Second, how to operate


The first step is to determine the variety of strange pets, unusual pets and rare pets, which are difficult to find online. Scarcity means that the price is relatively high and the profit margin is relatively large. After a month of research, a website called Qichong. com was established to sell some rare cats,


For example, the Sphinx hairless cat in Canada, the leopard cat in Bangladesh, the chinchilla, the French bulldog, the Amisinian cat, the Angolan cat in Türkiye, many of them are foreign, including tea cup pigs, pet sculptures, insects, including the common crickets and beetles.


The second step is to find a primary source of goods through the network or offline. The profit margin is larger. There is a flower and bird market in Huadiwan, Guangzhou. Basically, there are pets. When you see the goods, you can communicate with the shopkeeper, and the customer needs to replenish the goods again.


The third step is to negotiate the price and the corresponding payment process. Customers are required to pay online. Living body transportation is risky. You can find a special express company. Through third-party guarantee, some customers will require payment on delivery and pay a part of the deposit. Next, send the cat to the customer, and then pay if you are satisfied. The supply chain is very important, and it also needs to take a little effort. There are not many domestic farmers, so you need to find a breeding farm.


Step 4. Payment methods, such as online payment, are guaranteed by a third party. Payment on delivery requires a deposit to be paid after delivery.


Step 5: Find target customers, add pet WeChat group and friend group, and make publicity in it. Don't directly advertise, share photos and videos of daily pets, and share your experience. People who like it will take the initiative to add you. We do a good job of sales, registration, and guide customers to introduce. Every pet owner has his own circle,


For example, when you introduce me, I can give you some dog food. If you have benefits, I can introduce you, and even pull you into his WeChat group, so that you can get a steady stream of customers.


Third, precautions


1. The risk is relatively small, the investment is not large, and you don't need to raise it yourself.


2. Avoid legal risks and don't be high-risk pets. Some exotic pets belong to national protected animals and are dangerous substances. Don't do anything toxic.


3. It is not recommended to keep pets and stock up.


4. Communicate the settlement method and transportation method in advance.


5. There are risks in the transportation of living bodies, so it is necessary to communicate with the transportation company in advance about the safety and security issues.


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