Today, I will share a transportation project with my friends. The platform used is Coupang store.


What is Coupang store?


Coupang is a major e-commerce platform in South Korea, and its status is equivalent to that of domestic Taobao. Subsequently, it slowly opened the track for China to enter, which has attracted many sellers to enter.


To put it simply, it is to move the products of a certain treasure in 1688 to the Coupang store for sale.


For example:


The price of this pillow in 1688 is 69



In Coupang, it can be sold for 39900 won, equivalent to 211 yuan



After deducting the cost of products, logistics and platform commission, you can earn about 50 yuan.


Is it risky to do Coupang, and how much does it cost?


Store registered address:


Cost of store registration fee: store registration, whether by itself or by someone else, is a fixed one-time cost.


The materials to be prepared include:


Enterprise business license


Legal person ID card front and back+holding front and back


Invoice of telephone bill of legal person's mobile phone number in recent 3 months


E-mail, mobile phone number


English translation of the above materials


The registration method is to enter the store, click to register as a seller, and then submit the information step by step according to the prompts for review (Google Browser opens, which can be translated into Chinese)



ERP cost: The products on the shelf can be shipped without the ERP system. It is better to use ERP to deliver, process orders, manage stores, check the logistics tracking sheet number, delivery status, etc. This requires costs, but it is also a fixed cost.


Accounting period cost: all e-commerce platforms have this cost.


The goods you purchase and the logistics fees you pay need to be paid by yourself first, because after the buyer pays, the payment will not be returned to your account until the buyer confirms the receipt and after a period of time, which is equivalent to the accounting period. The accounting period of cougang is about 25-40 days.


In this process, it is necessary to prepare working capital, but with the continuous recovery of profits, the original working capital will be less and less.


The cost of the platform's deposit: coupang will charge about 10% of the commission, but coupang can only withdraw cash when it reaches 100W, that is, more than 5300 yuan, which means that the platform will deposit more than 5000 account periods, which is relatively small and completely acceptable, as long as the e-commerce platform will encounter this problem.


If there is no problem with the above, you can go ahead and do it. If you really want to enter the industry, you must be early and not late. At present, it is only in the initial stage. It will be saturated gradually in the next 2-3 years, and then it will be a little late to re-launch.


After entering the store, it also involves the modification of store information, simple decoration of the store, products on the shelf, and how to ship after the order is issued.


What are the first things to do after Coupang registers?


Change account password


When your store comes down, the investment manager will send an email to you, prompting you to change your password as required. This operation is very simple. You can complete it according to the email prompt.


Set shipping and return addresses


After the store comes down, you need to upload the delivery and return addresses in the store background.



Change the name of the store.


You can also decorate the store by the way, such as designing a banner picture, remember to use Korean, and then the style of the picture should be simple and blank.


How to choose products from selling and boutiques, and what are the preferences of Korean people?


Co-sale options: generally, they are products from cross-border stores. How to identify cross-border stores? Generally speaking, if the delivery time is more than one week, the probability is cross-border stores. You can also see the name of the main company of the store by clicking it. You can see whether it is a cross-border store at a glance.


Boutique selection and Korean preference: Boutique is always the final destination of all cross-border stores, or stylized stores, that is, to create their own store style to attract repeat customers and generate fan benefits. For Coupang, what we must do to make high-quality products is to understand the Korean market and users, especially with the increase of merchants entering the market, the product repetition rate is getting higher and higher, which further forces sellers to obtain stronger competitiveness through differentiated products.


There are several key points in making high-quality products: trademarks should be laid out as soon as possible; At the language level, it is better to have operations proficient in Korean; Familiar with Korean user preferences; The platform advertising method must be practiced.


Around these points, we should dig deeper one by one to improve the operation capability.


In summary, especially for novice Xiaobai, it is recommended to focus on sales in the early stage, supplemented by high-quality goods. Then gradually get familiar with the platform playing method, and gradually incline to high-quality products. Why? If you only make high-quality products at the beginning, it is likely that Xiaobai will only make one or two orders a month, which is a devastating blow to confidence and is likely to give up. So my advice to you is to do it by integration, keep learning and improving, and have orders to support your confidence. Of course, don't infringe!


What is the logistics delivery of Coupang?


Self-shipment: It is equivalent to finding a freight forwarder or delivering goods through cloud warehouse.


The specific steps are as follows: the buyer places an order - the seller purchases from 1688 or Pinduoduo and then delivers it to the transit warehouse - the transit warehouse matches the order with the purchased goods and then packs and pastes the international face sheet - the logistics company picks up the goods at home - the logistics company sends it to the Korean customs to complete the customs clearance - the Korean final CJ or the post office completes the delivery.


In fact, the whole process is not too complicated.


How does Coupang purchase operate?


If there is a source of goods mode, if you have a factory or supply chain, you can directly purchase and prepare goods in batches. After the buyer places an order, you can directly pack and paste the order and send it to the official warehouse in Shenzhen (CGF mode) or directly send it to the international freight forwarder.


No source mode, that is, a consignment that you often hear about, can be purchased through 1688, Pinduoduo and other platforms.


After the buyer placed the order, the seller went to 1688 or Pinduoduo to purchase the same SKU product, and then sent it to the warehouse by express for secondary packaging and labeling, and then sent it to Korea by the international logistics company.


What are the precautions for Coupang's products on the shelf?


(1) Don't choose the wrong category, which will affect the exposure of the product.


(2) Title: The title of Coupang is not like the platform of Express Express, which can be divided into various phrases and words. The title of Coupang strives to be concise and clear, which is generally brand word+product name+category+attribute word, simple and simple.


(3) Main picture: Try to use white background picture. The main picture of the product is the picture seen on the search results page, which directly affects the click-through rate and is the most important.


(4) Details page: It is better to add return notice and purchase notice.


(5) Delivery time: pay attention to this. If you can deliver goods in a short time, you can fill in a shorter time. If you can't, you'd rather take a longer time than be deducted.


(6) Return fee: This must be filled in to reduce the return rate and loss.


(7) Others include whether to set a one-day purchase limit, which can be judged according to your own situation. I suggest that it should be added to prevent customers from maliciously placing orders for refunds; Whether the freight is free or how much is free depends on your product.


Finally, to build an e-commerce platform, especially in this era, don't think about getting rich overnight, but step by step. It is basically impossible to continuously improve your own operation ability and gradually issue orders. Don't think about making big profits at the beginning.


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