Compared with the man fans' Kwai unmanned live broadcast, which costs 19.9 yuan/order, the newly upgraded sister project of unmanned live broadcast, the man fans' short video to private domain play, is positioned as a high customer price play~



Two keywords: "private domain" and "high customer price" may not be clear to the new Tiezi. Here is a brief explanation:


Private domain refers to channeling from Tiktok/Kwai/Xiaohongshu/QQ Small World and other platforms to WeChat or WeChat official account, and then realizing. There are two ways to realize. The channeling to WeChat is manual mode, and the channeling to official account is automatic mode.



High price per customer. Compared with 19.9 single live broadcast, we have three levels of private domain play, 49-99-129 (customized demand will be higher), so high price per customer is only a relative term~


Because in the past few months, we have focused on the live project of male fans, which needs to be broadcast from 22pm to 7am. Although the effect is significant, it is really painful for some office workers or small partners who do not want to stay up late (not because of the pain of staying up late, but because of the pain of watching others stay up late to make money)


In order to make money for those who have no conditions to broadcast live, in order to make money for live broadcast in the evening, and in order to make more money for those who want to continue to make money in the daytime, we tested and upgraded the previous private domain game method, which is equivalent to 2.0. At present, there are 9 classes online for the first time (more will follow the continuous update), which is concise, not nonsense, and easy to use.


The realization logic is simple, roughly as follows:



Registration → Aligning account → Starting account → Diversion → WeChat (manual transaction)/official account (automatic transaction)


This kind of play can be done at any time as long as you have time, and a work can be finished in minutes~


Then, the problem of some small partners comes again~


1. Does the account need real-name authentication?


Because this is a video game, it doesn't need live broadcast, so it doesn't need real-name authentication


2. Will this game be banned?


As long as we make money, there are no 100% projects that are not sealed. The purpose of each upgrade and update is to reduce the probability of sealing and improve the conversion rate. If a number costs 100, but can earn 1000 or more, will you still care about the sealing?


3. What if there are not so many mobile phones/phone numbers?


Cold salad. Only one number earns one number of money. Don't envy others for their high income. If you want to earn more, you can add devices. This project is equipped with iPhone6s at least, which is two or three hundred and one. If you don't have a mobile phone number, you can go to the business hall to do it. If you feel troublesome, you can use the code number. There are always more ways than difficulties!


4. How long can male fans stay in private?


Both those who know me and our new media love beans know that we have started to engage in Internet projects very early. We will not push the general projects easily, and even those projects that are very popular will be discouraged. So what we want is that the people who follow us to do the projects will get the results, and actually make money, rather than being cut leeks on the ground~



Our entire plate is a male powder project, and many of them are interconnected. To do private domain is to do stock. Moreover, the male powder repurchase rate is very high, and there are more ways to realize in the future~


5. How about the cashability of male fans' private projects?


At present, our standard price is


Photo: 49-99-129 (can be set by yourself)

衣物:69-99-159-399 (可以自行设置)

Clothing: 69-99-159-399 (can be set by yourself)


Take the lowest unit price of 49 as an example, if 10 people are sold in one day, it will be 49 × 10=490, because the products we realize are special and belong to impulse consumption, and the conversion rate is 20% - 40%. According to the conversion rate of 20%, to earn 490, we only need to introduce 50 people to the private domain, and it is not difficult to add 50 people according to the way in our course. Besides, this is the lowest level of realization. Sometimes you have realized more than 500 people before you add 50 people, and the repurchase rate is also high, especially for clothes, If the account is operated in batches, it will be doubled directly~


6. How long does it take every day?


Personal part-time play method: 2-5 numbers, about 2 hours per day


Personal full-time play method: 5-10 numbers, depending on yourself


Full-time team play: 10+, arranged by yourself


7. Will the private domain play always be updated?


Our team has been reviewing and summarizing from the practice, testing and iterating new methods of play, and new updates will be released in the student group at the first time, always maintaining the cutting-edge methods of play


Solemnly prompt:


1) Three days of fishing and two days of net drying. Do not disturb those without executive power!


2) Limited energy, charging is only for better service. Payment is not the end point, but the starting point. If you encounter any problem in the practice process, we will consult at any time, and we will give one-to-one guidance, which should be cut for us. Therefore, we belong to the community of interests, and it is our goal to earn others' money together


3) Take a good attitude, don't be eager for quick success and instant benefit, let alone think about getting rich overnight. Any project needs to be studied carefully. If there is a better one than us, I would rather pay for study than spend time to study. Time cost is the biggest cost!


4) This project is a virtual product, and there is no refund once the delivery begins. Please consider carefully



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