Many friends know that the flow of digital products is very good. Usually, we sell mobile phones, computers or tablets directly on the free fish. In addition to these methods, what other categories of digital products can we do on the platform?


Nanxing shares with you today the categories of mobile phone recycling. This category is also suitable for digital products, so the traffic of the platform is also very good. For Xiaobai, there is not too much difficulty and threshold for us to do.


First of all, we need to have a general understanding of this project and why there is such an industry as recycling mobile phones.


Generally, used mobile phones are defined as electronic waste. If you throw it away directly, it will pollute the environment. Rather, let them play their due value. Used mobile phones should not be left at home. After all, it is of little value to us, and there will be some radiation.


So what are the uses of recycling mobile phones?


1. Sales


For some phones with poor quality or lack of functions, they can be collected and simply improved, and then shipped in batches to some underdeveloped regions, such as Africa or other places for secondary sales. It must be very popular.



If there are some good mobile phones, we just need to get rid of some old ones we don't want to use. Of course, we can go through some simple processing and sell them directly as second mobile phones. This kind of mobile phones is a good choice for customers with limited budgets.


2. Refine metal


Waste mobile phones can be used to refine precious metals, because many parts of mobile phones are made of precious metals such as gold, silver and copper. One gram of gold can be extracted from about 25 used mobile phones.


3. Parts disassembly


There will be special third-party dismantling companies to dismantle the reusable parts of mobile phones, such as motherboards, screens, batteries, cameras, etc. (This reminds Nanxing of the scene in the movie of Yiyang Qianxi, a miracle and a stupid child.)


The usable parts are sent to the mobile phone assembly plant for production, becoming the next mobile phone that can be used again, or directly sold to the mobile phone repair shop.


So what should we do?


For some of us ordinary people, there is no need to think so much. The simplest way for us to realize cash is to directly negotiate and cooperate with offline second-hand dealers, which is equivalent to being an intermediary.


Because every industry will have poor information, including everyone's ability to capture information is different. So for us, it will generate profits.


When customers on the free fish come to consult us, we can generally give a reasonable quotation, or just refer to the prices of our peers for recycling. If the mobile phone can't be used and there are enough goods on hand, we can directly find the corresponding channel to cooperate and sell it to each other.



If the quality and function of the mobile phone are OK, we can simply repair it and sell the second-hand mobile phone directly on the free fish. Generally, the profit of second-hand mobile phones is about 50 yuan, and the profit of small profits and quick sales is 20 or 30 yuan.


It's equivalent to that we only need to make ten eight orders a day, and we already have hundreds of dollars. The realization mode is diversified.


When we operate on the free fish, we should first refer to the copy and pictures of our peers, as well as the price format, to see how our peers operate.



At the beginning, if we are not good at chatting with customers, we can use our own trumpet to "ask each other for advice", and learn a lot of speaking skills, so that we can practice this category well.


Nanxing has had such experience. Some time ago, the mobile phone equipment was not enough, so we went to our local second-hand mobile phone store to purchase. The normal cost of purchasing a mobile phone is 200 yuan.


The recovery price of these businesses is about 145 yuan. If they sell to us, they will have a profit of at least 50 yuan. If there is a small defect in the mobile phone, it doesn't cost much to repair small parts by yourself.


Or if you can't repair it yourself, you can directly find a cooperation that specializes in repairing mobile phones and give the other party a lower price, which can help us save a lot of costs and increase certain profits. Then take the useable second-hand mobile phone directly to the free fish and sell it at a higher price. Even if all other costs are included, we will earn 20-30 yuan for one mobile phone.


There are not many difficulties in such a project, but the key is the execution. As long as we work hard and quickly, we can make money. We can achieve 500+a day for one device. At this time, we can choose to operate in batches


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