Recently, many friends have asked whether novel tweets can still make money, in fact, to be honest, it is too simple to do novel tweets now, unless you can make differentiated videos, such as AI graphic novel tweets.

First, project introduction

To use the form of AI comics to do novels is the current opportunity for novel tweets, which is not only 100% original, but also strong for viewing, like reading comics, so the traffic is very large, and the corresponding conversion rate is certainly very high.


Second, how to operate

The first step is to apply for the authorization of the novel's tweets.

The second step is to select the message materials provided by the official, and modify the text according to the plot of the novel. The contradiction, character conflict, and plot focus are mainly placed at the beginning of the video to attract fans to watch.

The third step, use AI painting tools to draw a series of cartoon pictures in line with the story of the novel, for the production of novel Twitter video, the mainstream AI painting software, also introduced before, there are Midijourney and Stable diffusion, simple operation, and do not need to fill members, but also support Chinese.
第三步、用AI绘画工具画出一系列符合小说剧情的漫画图片,用于制作小说推文视频,主流的AI绘画软件,之前也介绍过,有Midijourney和Stable diffusion,操作简单,又不需要充会员的,还支持中文。

For everyone to find the AI painting website, first open this painting website, you can first train the style of the pictures to be generated, cut some peer video materials for practice, and then generate pictures according to the various scenes in the novel, you can use text to generate pictures, you can also use pictures to produce pictures, try a few times, you can generate pictures in line with the plot of the novel.


The fourth step, the matched novel audio and the above AI painting generated comic picture materials, drag to the cutting film for editing processing, so that the copy and the picture display time is consistent, and then add the key frame effect to the picture, so that the picture moves, add some sound effects and special effects according to the needs of the plot, and finally make a good video cover export.

I hope you can make your own unique style of novel tweets, play a differentiated policy that is Gaga fast old rules, about the novel tweet AI painting website and tutorial are sorted out, you can find me to get.

Here's how to share a cold live play:

The first project is introduced

First introduce how to play through a book no one live, before sharing no one live, semi-no one live this does not need you to show your face to do live or short video projects, today to share a lazy person, do not show your face live play, let's take a book can be on.


The project can be said to have no threshold, the only threshold is that you dare to open the phone to do it all, then what kind of book can have such a charm?

The book is called The Book of Answers and claims that all questions can be answered in this book.

At present, everyone more or less will have some pressure in life and work, and have a variety of confusion and anxiety or confusion about the future.

Want to soothe your heart through some channels, and this book of answers is to seize people's psychology and needs, to give users a vague answer, and then through a hint in your heart itself, feeling that it is very reasonable.

Second, how to monetize

Cost only need a book, a mobile phone, a mobile phone, the book can be bought on a dozen pieces, if there are conditions to get a light, generally dozens of dollars can be bought, customers are in the heart of the people who have doubts need to answer, let them think about the answer, say a number, we go to the page of the corresponding number,

Most of the answers made sense.

1, the cost of receiving gifts, books are generally in ten or twenty, and the main way to cash is to receive gifts, you can first retain the popularity of free answers, when there are more people in the broadcast room, you can receive such a gift to jump the queue, this kind of broadcast room to do a minute there are three lollipops, three hours of live broadcast there are about 500,

Two shows a day would bring in about $1,000.

Objectively speaking, not to say that everyone can do it, after all, any project will be done well, do not do well, it is up to us.

2, with the goods, you can directly bring this answer book.

For people with serious mental internal friction, they also need a book like this to answer their inner doubts, the conversion rate is still relatively good, and the reason why this broadcast room can maintain high popularity is mainly from interaction and stay.


After all, users want to know the answer, they must interact in the comment area, our broadcast room will easily be a platform to do a push stream, forming a virtuous circle, the gameplay of this project is applicable to many projects, many fields, you can divergent your thinking, try to draw a lesson from one another, do not die reading, dead listening, project words are shared endless,

But the principle of the project, the underlying logic, is the same.



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